About Us

We are Chris and Sue and we are a couple of retirees who don’t want to go quietly. We both had successful professional careers as we raised a family. It has been a pretty conventional path through life so far, although we did sprinkle in some unconventional tangents – such as building two houses. As we were considering retirement I felt that it was a good time to take another tangent off that conventional path through life. We decided to plan a wild adventure – a 16-month road trip down the Pan-American highway from Eastern Canada to the end of the road south in Ushuaia, Argentina. Fortunately, many have gone before us and we are guided by their experience and inspired by their adventures.

After delays from the Covid19 pandemic, our “big trip” is becoming a reality. We have a 3/4 ton pickup truck, a slide-in camper, the framework of a route, and a desire to learn about the culture and connect with local people. We will work out the details as we go along so that we can be flexible. I can feel adventure in the wind.

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” Anna Quindlen.